And Now a Word from Our Sponsors

At our November event we’ll have a unique opportunity to learn how to leverage three essential elements to building our speaking business today: social media, video and our websites. We’ll learn this from our three major sponsors at a special Meet the Experts session at the start of our regular evening event.

Tracy Bradley, the tech genius who maintains our CAPS Toronto website, and who spoke at our September event, will answer your questions about making your own website work for you.

Janine Harris, our resident video guru who spoke to us in October, will tell you anything you want to know about using video to promote your speaking business.

Aidan Crawford, who has helped many CAPS and NSA speakers raise their profile through social media, will help you understand how to leverage social media to the benefit of your speaking business.

Choose the expert you most want to hear from and spend 20 minutes learning from that person. They will stick around for the event, so you can always get a chance to chat with the others later in the evening.

Don’t miss this chance to learn from our experts, whose sponsorship helps ensure we continue to bring you the excellent programming you’ve come to expect.

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