What Startup Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Shady Internet Marketers

Guest Blogger: Dan Martell Do you hate shady internet marketers as much as I do? Thought so… truth is, most of them are just peddling crap. What’s crazy though, is […]

Take the Train

Coming to CAPS Convention in December 2017? Join us on the train.      You can get on the CAPS train in London, Toronto, or Oshawa and spend the time networking […]

Follow Your Intuition

Using Your Inner GPS to Guide Your Success in Business

When we are driving to unknown areas we use a GPS, so when we are maneuvering through a decision, why not use our internal GPS system? If Oprah, Richard Branson, […]

What’s the difference between a speaker’s bio and an introduction?

Great question!  Most speakers (and too many meeting planners and MC’s) don’t know the difference.  In fact, when you are being booked, you will sometimes be asked for your bio […]

Thanks to our Champions

Cheryl Gregory Membership Chair As this year draws to a close, I take this opportunity to thank our Champions, our Ambassadors who have invited other speakers as “You’ve Been Spotted” […]

And Now a Word from Our Sponsors

At our November event we’ll have a unique opportunity to learn how to leverage three essential elements to building our speaking business today: social media, video and our websites. We’ll […]

Third Quarter President’s Report

Here’s what our chapter is working towards and the results we’ve achieved (with your help) since August 2013. Building on previous successes, our Board of Director’s has 3 main objectives […]

HERE is what will get you THERE: Insight from the Andes Survivors

Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa did the unthinkable and walked out of the Andes Mountains after surviving a plane crash and an avalanche that killed 29 of their friends and […]