National Meetings Industry Day


Let’s get engaged!

I think I just got caught up with all this Valentine’s Day excitement. What I mean is “Let’s Get Engaged”… as members of CAPS.  When we attend as many workshops […]

What’s stopping us from reaching a 6 figure income?

Something just doesn’t feel right! According to our 2012 national survey, 54% of CAPS members are making less than $100K per year, and 26% are making less than $50K. (Did you just say, What!?) One of the allures to getting into the business of professional speaking is being able to make ‘bigger money’ (in less time) than an average salary job. With certainty, if we asked every member if he/she desired to make more money in this business, the answer would be a resounding, “YES!”. So, what’s stopping us from reaching a 6 figure income?