Thanks to our Champions

Cheryl Gregory Membership Chair As this year draws to a close, I take this opportunity to thank our Champions, our Ambassadors who have invited other speakers as “You’ve Been Spotted” guests to the Toronto Chapter, and who subsequently became members. I believe 2013 has proven to be a fantastic springboard […]

Cheryl Makes It All Clear!

It can be challenging for new members to know where to go to find information on our sites.  Sometimes, members who have been with us awhile forget the resources available to them or perhaps aren’t sure where to find them. To simplify the search process for our members, we’ve created […]

From ‘So-So to ‘Holy Crow!’

This September, invite a guest that you feel could take their business from ‘So-So’ to ‘Holy Crow’, as a result of joining CAPS. Fall is a great time to gear up for the upcoming year and perfect for introducing potential new members to our ‘family’.  As an Ambassador, you can […]

Be an Ambassador!

BE AN AMBASSADOR AND HELP GROW CAPS TORONTO CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP The “EACH ONE REACH ONE” Initiative At CAPS Toronto, we love our members.  We have the best of the best in our Association and are creating greater awareness as the Association of Choice for members, as well as for companies […]

CAPS Toronto is LinkedIn!

Did you know that CAPS Toronto has a LinkedIn group? Well we do. And we’d like you to join it. Why? Simple. As a business association LinkedIn is the place for us to be. And while the national group is a great resource for networking with speakers from across the […]

How to Transform 3 hours into Infinite R.O.I.

One of the best investments is the one you make in yourself.  As you know, Lou Heckler is conducting an afternoon workshop on the skill of delivering well-told stories to enhance your presentation.  There is an art to it and you can spend 3 hours and $60 with the expert. […]

Let’s get engaged!

I think I just got caught up with all this Valentine’s Day excitement. What I mean is “Let’s Get Engaged”… as members of CAPS.  When we attend as many workshops and evening events as we can, volunteer once in awhile and invite guests who you believe would benefit from joining […]