Online Presence

Video Tip from Janine

For obvious reasons, video is a logical choice for speakers.   What better way to show that you are engaging, interesting and a good speaker than to see you in action.   A lot of speakers I talk to struggle with getting permission to film their keynote or workshop and that can […]

Amplify Your Social Media Presence

As CAPS Toronto continues to build upon our already vibrant community of professional speakers, we’d like to amplify our members’ social media efforts by promoting them through the capstoronto.com site, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook. We want to integrate and feature your videos, tweets and blog posts to bring you […]

Your Homepage Gets You Hired: Show ‘Em Who You Are

As a speaker, your homepage is important online real estate. Why? Because it’s the first thing bureaus, planners and other prospects visiting your site for the first time will see… and how you set up your home page helps determine not only their initial impression of you and how hireable […]