President’s Message

HERE is what will get you THERE: Insight from the Andes Survivors

Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa did the unthinkable and walked out of the Andes Mountains after surviving a plane crash and an avalanche that killed 29 of their friends and family members. At a pivotal moment when it would have been easier to die than to live, Nando put his […]

For the Love of It: A Million Dollar Insight

During life’s journey, adults lose touch with a basic principle: do what you do, for the love of it. Instead of creating things we love, we create products and services based on what we think we can sell. If we pay attention to what was once familiar, kids remind us […]

Think You’re not a Global Speaker? Think Again!

You are a Global Speaker, whether you like it or not. You don’t have to leave home in order to have a global impact as a professional speaker. The world is at your fingertips. But more importantly, the world is at the fingertips of your clients, and your clients’ clients. […]

Why having a large social network won’t make you money

What do you collect? Take a quick look around your home, office or general living space. What is it that you are accumulating that specifically holds value? Over the years I’ve collected precious gems (my grandfather worked in the mines), photos (my mom is a photographer), and most of all, […]

Don’t leave YOUR platform for the platform

Your life is your platform. You are successful because of your experiences, not in spite of them. And there are people in this world who need to hear your story, perspective and advice, because you are the right messenger for them. Not all of us are inspirational speakers. But we […]

Why FREE is costing you the value of your CAPS membership

Isn’t it amazing that we have free access, 24/7, to information on just about any topic in a variety of formats to meet our needs? The internet is powerful. As speakers we are investing time and money to figure out how to better leverage it to grow our businesses – […]

What’s stopping us from reaching a 6 figure income?

Something just doesn’t feel right! According to our 2012 national survey, 54% of CAPS members are making less than $100K per year, and 26% are making less than $50K. (Did you just say, What!?) One of the allures to getting into the business of professional speaking is being able to make ‘bigger money’ (in less time) than an average salary job. With certainty, if we asked every member if he/she desired to make more money in this business, the answer would be a resounding, “YES!”. So, what’s stopping us from reaching a 6 figure income?