Thanks to our Champions

Cheryl Gregory
Membership Chair

As this year draws to a close, I take this opportunity to thank our Champions, our Ambassadors who have invited other speakers as “You’ve Been Spotted” guests to the Toronto Chapter, and who subsequently became members.

I believe 2013 has proven to be a fantastic springboard for the Each One Reach One Campaign.  Some of the “You’ve Been Spotted” guests joined our community as new “Professional” members and some joined at the “Candidate level”.  The addition of quality speakers, trainers, facilitators, consultants (and more) will benefit all members as we move forward.

An announcement will be made at the Summit in Vancouver, recognizing all our Ambassadors right across the county, so I can’t share those details with you now.  There will also be an Ambassador of the Year announced, so stand by for those details.

But it’s not over at the end of the year.  The campaign continues.  Please keep up the energy and effort for the Each One Reach One campaign in 2014 and beyond.  When you spot quality talent that you think would be a good addition to CAPS and would benefit from joining us, invite them as your “You’ve Been Spotted Guest” to an upcoming event.  If each one of our Toronto Chapter members becomes an Ambassador by introducing at least one new member each year, imagine the possibilities for our community!

It all starts with one question:  “Who have I seen that would benefit from joining CAPS?” and one invitation, “How would you like to come to one of our events and share an experience with our community?”

Cheryl Gregory
Membership Chair
Toronto CAPS Chapter

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