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Janine Harris,
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For obvious reasons, video is a logical choice for speakers.   What better way to show that you are engaging, interesting and a good speaker than to see you in action.   A lot of speakers I talk to struggle with getting permission to film their keynote or workshop and that can make it difficult.  But it doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of this medium to get your clients attention. 

If you can’t film it?  Ask if you can have a professional photographer take some pictures while you are up in front of the crowd or facilitating a workshop. 

Then plan an Interview Video where you are interviewed about what your clients experience when they hire you.  Your interview will clearly show that you are an excellent speaker and properly posed questions will ensure that your expertise comes across.  In the editing process, cutaway from the interview to some of these great shots (always get your clients logo in the shot so that you don’t even have to tell people you worked with Company X, and Y and Z) and that will reinforce to the client that you know what you are talking about and you’ve done it before… and that equals peace of mind.
Are you a trainer?  Prepare some of your content into bite-sized Tips, 2 to 3 minutes long, and film 5 or 6 of these messages talking directly to the camera.  Post these videos with very specific titles on your Youtube channel and share them on your website and /or Linked in.  

These Tip videos should give a little bit of your expertise away to the viewer.  Give your clients a taste of what they can expect if they hire you.  Your tips should be your best stuff, give it to them.  They’ll love to watch it, they’ll be moved to implement the idea… but they’ll soon discover the benefit of having the live person to move it to the next level… whatever “it” may be.

You see we’re consuming content in such different ways now.  We aren’t watching the 45 minute presentations… we’re watching short, interesting and practical content, and we’re watching it when we want, where we want and how we want. Your clients are too.  

Interview Videos and Tip Videos are just two ways of using video to get your clients attention.  What do your clients need to know about you to hire you?  And then ask yourself if you could do something in video to make that happen.

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