What’s stopping us from reaching a 6 figure income?

Enette Pauze
PresidentSomething just doesn’t feel right! According to our 2012 national survey, 54% of CAPS members are making less than $100K per year, and 26% are making less than $50K. (Did you just say, What!?) One of the allures to getting into the business of professional speaking is being able to make ‘bigger money’ (in less time) than an average salary job. With certainty, if we asked every member if he/she desired to make more money in this business, the answer would be a resounding, “YES!”. So, what’s stopping us from reaching a 6 figure income?

Mindset. Self-Worth. Action.

Less than 1% of the general population actually has a true value on building financial wealth (Google it). The 99% has a value on what money can buy. If you want to generate a greater income from speaking, you’d better VALUE money, building a business, serving clients, and the privilege of managing your increased wealth. If $1M of business showed up today, would you know exactly how to manage it?

Next, think of a fee that you would love to charge clients. Close your eyes and say out loud, “My fee is $$”. Seriously, stop reading and try this exercise as a self-assessment. Could you say your desired fee with confidence and certainty? Could you say it without laughing? Too many experts who speak professionally appear extroverted on the stage, and lack confidence and self-worth related to the value of their services off stage. Do you believe you are worth $5K, $10K, or $20K for a day of your services? What do you need to do in order to be able to say, “My fee is $$, and I’m worth it!”?

The internet gives us free access, 24-7 to information that can help us grow our business by getting better on the platform, raising our fees, leveraging social media, reaching into new industries, selling more to our raving fans, creating products, and expanding our services. We spend A LOT of time learning about secrets, top 10 lists, and following in the footsteps of speaking gurus. We can get the information for free, and some even pay for it. How many of you take persistent action on what you’ve learned?

If we want to grow the wealth consciousness of our CAPS membership, we’d better learn to increase our value on making and managing money, increase our self-worth, and be prepared to do more with what we know.

Enette Pauzé
CAPS Toronto

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