HERE is what will get you THERE: Insight from the Andes Survivors

Enette Pauze

Enette Pauze

Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa did the unthinkable and walked out of the Andes Mountains after surviving a plane crash and an avalanche that killed 29 of their friends and family members. At a pivotal moment when it would have been easier to die than to live, Nando put his hand on his friend’s chest and said, “You are breathing. I am breathing. Let’s go.”

Nando’s riveting story provides new perspectives on what it means to overcome adversity. He describes in captivating detail his journey, and how every ounce of his existence (mind, body and soul) was focused on the next 15 steps when climbing the mountain.

Imagine that — focusing your entire being on the next 15 steps ahead of you.

Imagine the experience as if you were there: the glare of the sun, the bite of the cold air, feeling the black rock and snow, noticing the weight of your body, giving commands to your body parts, pacing your breath, listening to your inner guidance, surrendering to something greater than yourself.

Nando’s insights into the human experience help us to widen the time and space of our ‘here and now’. It yanks us into the present and demands our full attention.

As entrepreneurs, not being exactly where you think you want to be in life can feel extremely frustrating. We have an inner desire to drive forward in life. We’re compelled to take on new, bigger and more complex challenges to serve clients and grow business.

When we find ourselves stuck in the now, bogged down in details, minutiae, and tedious aspects of being a human being, sometimes we struggle. We’d rather just be able to hit the ‘next’ button and move on.

Nando and Roberto astonished the world by walking out of the Andes — by focusing on the next 15 steps ahead of them.

The next time you find yourself looking over there or reaching for the next button, be reminded of the power of ‘here’ and the value of focusing your energy on the next 15 steps.

To the Summit!
Enette Pauzé

CAPS Toronto

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