First Quarter President’s Report

Enette Pauze

Enette Pauze

Want the facts without the gossip? Here’s what our chapter is working towards and the results we’ve achieved (with your help) since January 2013.

Building on previous successes, our Board of Director’s has 3 main objectives for the year:

  1. Deliver exceptional programming
  2. Enhance member engagement
  3. Strengthen financial stability

Here are some of the key results we have achieved to date:

  1. Approved a 2013 annual budget of $44,758
  2. In addition to annual chapter membership dues ($100/member), the board is investing $33,000 in local chapter activities
  3. Moved to new venue, promoting networking and sense of community
  4. Sold out and launched our 5th annual Pro-Track Speaker Academy
  5. Streamlined the chapter’s administrative support
  6. 27 membership renewals and 3 new members
  7. 18 guests (You’ve Been Spotted) [contact Cheryl Gregory for more info]
  8. Highest attendance at an afternoon event in the past 12 months
  9. Launched the CAPS Wealthy Mastermind group (pilot) [contact Enette Pauze for more info]
  10. Re-ignited networking for Long-Timers (10+ years) [contact Helen Wilkie for more info]
  11. Record feedback on monthly member communications (hey – you’re reading this!)

There are several ways you can get involved:

  1. We are always looking for volunteers for one time and ongoing roles
  2. Suggest an event or activity that will enhance member engagement
  3. Read the article: Why FREE is costing you the value of your CAPS membership

The board is focused on providing you with the best member experience now and in the future. Let us know how we can serve you better.

To the Summit!

Enette Pauzé?
President?CAPS Toronto

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