Sandeep Aujla

Bridge the gap between knowing to doing - Implement personal and organizational changes that stick!


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  • CAPS Chapter: Toronto

Sandeep is a Leadership Advisor and Change Management Expert leading Multilevel Leadership Consulting (MLC), which is in the business of helping leaders and organizations in public and private sectors, develop and enhance their change leadership capacity and capabilities. People who know Sandeep closely can attest to the immense personal changes that she has experienced; some that came unwantedly and unexpectedly, while others that she sought proactively. Having worked in public and private sectors for over 13 years, Sandeep has also dealt with multiple organizational change initiatives – some that she initiated and most that came down the pipeline that she either led, facilitated, or participated in.

Armed with a penchant for curiosity and education in organizational psychology, she became intrigued by the inherent change process within any and every organizational initiative, where the goal is to either change attitude, behavior, process, programs, or people. These experiences have led her to commit to the practice of change management helping individuals achieve desired personal change and helping organizations prepare, plan, and implement change across organizational and systemic levels. Whether it's personal, organizational, systemic, or social change, Sandeep is committed to bridging the gap between knowing and doing and honouring the human dynamics of change management to making change stick.

Sandeep has held progressive leadership roles at a number of organizations, with the last five years spent in healthcare. She has concurrently taught executive, graduate, and undergraduate courses in Business and Psychology at multiple universities in Ontario.  Sandeep has a Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from University of Guelph and is a member of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, Society of Consulting Psychologists, Association of Change Management Professionals, and Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.