Theresa Syer, CSP

Customer Experience Expert! You'll love Theresa's contagious enthusiasm. She educates & motivates teams on the importance & benefits of making emotional connections & delivering WOW Experiences!


  • Customer Service
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Consulting


  • $7500 - $10000

Contact Information


  • CAPS Chapter: Toronto
  • capsmpinsa

Theresa Syer is one of today's most influential voices on Creating Renowned Customer Experiences. An unapologetic optimist, she inspires and empowers her audiences to make a personal customer experience in an effort to differentiate themselves from the competition.

A successful entrepreneur, Theresa is the founding partner of the Syer Hospitality Group Inc.; expert consultants in Creating Customer Experiences. She is at the forefront and leading edge of her discipline. She is a catalyst in expanding leadership focus from the tactical issues of customer service to the much wider and strategic issue of the customer experience.

She has an innate ability to share her contagious enthusiasm.

A former Director of Sales and Marketing with Sheraton Hotels, her honours include numerous Adrian Advertising Awards from HSMAI (Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International), Sheraton Canada's Sales & Marketing and Manager of the Year awards. In addition, she was recognized with the prestigious Greater Hamilton Economic Development Lifetime Achievement Award.

Recognized as the 'Master of the Customer Experience', her services and powerful message invigorate teams to shake off mediocrity, master the customer experience and out shine the competition!