You’ve Been Spotted

Members are encouraged to bring guests at all times, but sometimes you run into that perfect guest that you think would be an EXECLLENT chapter member.  What do you do?

You’ve Been Spotted is a program that allows you to bring a guest ONE TIME for free, providing the meet the following qualifications.

  • They must be eligible for membership. 
  • This must be their first CAPS meeting.  

If you are a CAPS member, and your guest fits these requirements, you may register them yourself using the promo code ‘YBSGuest‘.

The You’ve Been Spotted program is for use only for our ‘regular’ evening meetings and cannot be used for an afternoon event or a special training day.


Membership requirements are:

Professional Membership – Any individual shall be eligible for Professional membership in the Association

  • Has received monetary payments for at least twenty (20) presentations within the 12 months prior to application; or has
  • given at least twenty (20) presentations to a live audience as part of a salaried position within the 12 months prior to application; or has
  • made at least $25,000 giving presentations within 12 months prior to application.

Candidate Membership – Any individual shall be eligible for Candidate membership in the Association

  • Earns a portion of his or her income from at least 10 fee-paid engagements within no time limit;
  • Any Candidate member can renew only once with a total maximum membership period of up to twenty-four months upon meeting the criteria, after which he or she must become a professional member.

Supplier Membership – Any individual or company shall be eligible for Supplier membership in the Association

  • Is a Speakers Bureau(s); or a
  • Supplier of materials, equipment or services to professional speakers.

Note – as of April 1 our membership requirements are changing and the Candidate member level will disappear, and the requirements for Professional members will change.